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Customer Service: 877-858-8049
Sales: 844-269-0800

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About Us

We are a team of US-based virtual receptionists providing 24-hour live answering services and customized call center solutions for organizations like yours all across the country.

LiveMessage America is the Trusted Call Answering Partner for both Small Businesses and Large Corporations. Consider us your One-Stop Shop for all your Live Support Requirements.

We believe that callers who dial your number should be met with a friendly, helpful, live person who can provide assistance and a positive experience with your company. So for us, it all starts with our staff of professional virtual receptionists who share a passion for customer service. We are proud to act as an extension of your organization and treat each call in exactly the same manner you would.

We understand that each business is unique and so every live support program should be as well. That is why we customize each of our answering service plans and scripts to match the exact specifications of our clients. While one business may require a simple message taking after hours answering service to assist with lead capture and improve customer service, another company may want to build out a feature-rich, 24-hour IT support call center solution. So we specially craft each plan and script to match our clients as well as their budgets.

We worked hard to develop a proprietary call handling platform that enables us to serve each caller and client at a high level that is unmatched in our industry. The flexibility we gained by creating our call center software in-house is passed along to our customers so that they get the right solution at an affordable price.
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Our Services

With a customized solution from LiveMessage America, you provide your callers with unlimited access to your organization so that they can get the assistance they need and your brand can become known for your dedication to customer service.

Call Center Services

Callers should receive a valuable experience each time they dial your business. With customized call center services from LiveMessage America, that’s exactly what every caller gets. We put in the time to get to know your business and objectives so that we can help develop an ideal live support solution.

An outsourced call center program done right has many benefits including cost savings, improved operational efficiencies, and sustainable business growth. So whether you interested in establishing a Help Desk program for your clients, an Order Processing solution for your shoppers, or a Whistle Blower Hotline service for your employees, we’ve got you covered.

Our call center services not only come with the experienced agents to provide a professional call experience, but we also give you access to our client portal, which houses all of your call information. Use it to manage support tickets, reference order information, or draw valuable insights from plenty of available analytics data. From satisfied callers to a database of call information, each part of our affordable call center solutions are designed to go beyond meeting your requirements and provide all kinds of value.

Phone Answering Services

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, you can’t afford to miss calls, because opportunity is ringing. Every call is either an opportunity to support an existing customer or to bring on a new one. Letting calls go unanswered or to voicemail is a recipe for failure. Never miss another call with live phone answering services from LiveMessage America!

When you choose to use our live answering services, you are hiring an extension of your organization. In fact, your callers won’t even know that they aren’t talking to someone who is sitting in your office. Our professional agents will assist callers, take messages, schedule appointments, and transfer calls all based on your preferences.

Once we work with you to build a custom answering service script to support your callers, you can choose if we just answer the calls you can’t get to within a few rings, calls that come in after hours or over the weekend, or every time someone dials on a 24-hour basis. Basically, you can forward your calls to our friendly virtual receptionists whenever you want knowing that your callers will be in good hands.

Types of Services

24/7 Live Call Answering

After Hours/Overflow Coverage

Appointment Scheduling

Bilingual Services

Help Desk/Tech Support

Virtual Receptionist Service

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At LiveMessage America, we customize our answering service and call center plans around each of our clients’ requirements and budget. We take pride in being able to build the perfect live support solutions at affordable prices that inspire our customers to continue our partnership month after month, year after year.

So while pricing differs from account to account, we do have a few pricing tiers that are an ideal fit for many of our clients. No matter which plan you choose, there are some things that remain consistent for each of our customers:

  • You won’t get locked into any long term contracts. We like to earn your business every month.
  • We operate on a full monthly billing cycle. None of that shady 28-day billing that slips an extra invoice your way each year.
  • Our customers don’t get nickeled and dimed, because we don’t believe in that sort of model. So, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees, because we keep your pricing simple.


That’s all well and good, but you really want to know about our pricing, right? Here are a few of our most popular plans:


Zero Minutes

$47.00per month

additional minutes

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125 Minutes

$177.00per month

additional minutes

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225 Minutes

$296.00per month

additional minutes

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Experience higher call volumes that require additional receptionist time? We can create a custom plan for you! Simply tell us know what you would like to accomplish.

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